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VAS | Visual Art Studio, conceived in 1993 as "HJMacademy" by Helena J. Min, has provided fundamental studies for learning and practices in the visual art in Los Angeles area. Min holds M.A. in Fine Art from Cal. State University at Long Beach and B.F.A. in

Fine Art from OTIS College of Art and Design. Since 1998, Min

has taught at colleges including Cerritos College, Mount St. Mary's University in Brentwood, and OTIS College of Art and Design. Please click Helena J. Min to view a full bio. 


VAS has specialized Portfolio Prep for over 25 years and offered the year-round Portfolio Prep Course to prepare students

who plan to apply for college in art+design major.​ 


VAS 미대입시교육은 전 OTIS College of Art and Design 헬레나 민교수가 강의합니다. 미술/예술분야 영재학생에 맞추어진 커리큘럼으로 수업되며, 취미나 Elective Class를 찾는 학생은 받지 않습니다. IVY 대학 Extra Curricular portfolio 작업을

목적으로 하는 예술전공외 학생에게도 추천합니다. 강의내용과 진행방식은 미국대학 1학년 과정(Foundation Year) 수준에 맞추어져 있습니다. 그룹반은 학생4명으로 제한합니다. 

What is portfolio?

It is a group of art works that most of art colleges require at the time of admission. Your portfolio demonstrates your artistic knowledge, creativity, and skill.  College portfolio committee will review your readiness for their college level  from your portfolio. 

Art College Consulting and Portfolio Evaluation (Available by appointment)

VAS can help you with the step by step guidance and information on

  • art college information

  • art portfolio for non-art major students' extracurricular activity for college admission application college admission process    https://www.nshss.org/blog/what-are-good-extracurricular-activities-for-college-applicants/

  • if you would like to find out how much you are prepared for your college admission, VAS can help with your current art portfolio assessment

  • if you want to learn at VAS, VAS will work with you and your art portfolio prep and college admission planning

  • if you are unsure about which art major is right for you, VAS curriculum has been developed with projects for students to determine the right major while getting the portfolio work done. It is common that many students do change their majors within art as they discover more about themselves and get more information about different fields in art.

Digital Art Portfolio Production

Photographing and editing of art portfolio are available. An average time for production takes one week. All colleges review and evaluate your art work by this digital files only. The professional presentation of your work is a crucial element for a successful college admission and scholarships.


Portfolio Prep Group Class_Limited to 4 students per class

Students learn all foundation classes including Drawing, Painting, 2D design/Basic Design, their major-related projects and Independent Projects.



Portfolio Prep Life Drawing Class_Limited to 4 students per class

Students learn Human anatomy, Portrait, Costume, and gesture. 

This class is required for students who plant to major in fashion, illustration, animation, digital art. 


Private Lesson+Mentoring_Limited to 2 students per year

Available by appointment Mon-Fri. Lesson hour is flexible. 

This private mentoring is for the students who prefer and work better with one-on-one learning environment. It is also recommend for the students who need more class in addition to group classes to finish art portfolio by college admission deadline.


Extracurricular for College admission

This course is for Non-Art major students who need EXTRACURRICULAR activity in college admission. 

Class Schedule


Portfolio Prep Course  (Limited to 4 students)

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

6:15 pm - 8:15 pm


Portfolio Prep Course

(Limited to 4 students)

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

6:15 pm - 8:15 pm


Portfolio Prep Course

(Limited to 4 students)

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Life/Figure Drawing 

 (Limited to 4 students)

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm