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How many classes do I need to take per month at VAS?

VAS will suggest your class schedule based on these

3 facts.

  1. How much time you have until your college admission deadline.

  2. How much art portfolio work you have completed before and how much more work you have to complete at VAS until your college deadline.

  3. What the colleges, to which you plan to apply, require you to submit in your portfolio. They require certain number of pieces in portfolio, certain types of work, and sometimes additional projects in addition to your portfolio requirement. 


Is VAS art portfolio college prep course

for art majors only?


  1. VAS has worked with non-art major students who have the talent and passion for art and need to produce art portfolio for their "extra curricular" in college application. These students aim at the top universities and their professional art portfolios are to present more competitive college admission application.

  2. VAS class is open to anyone in non art majors/careers but want to learn and advance "creative thinking and creative solving skills" for her/his personal reason(s).

VAS portfolio prep is for

people who are considering a future career in creative fields. 

How long does it take to complete portfolio at VAS?


The information below is an approximate average. Over the past 27 years, VAS has witnessed that it is student's determination and effort ​ often makes a significant difference in the result. The result and time on portfolio varies depending on the students talents, previous visual art experience, knowledge in art history and art education, daily practice on their own on observation, research, drawing, etc . 

Average time spent by student with 2 to 3 classes/week, portfolio got completed approximately in 3 years. 

Average time spent by student with 3 to 4 classes/week, portfolio got completed approximately in 2 years.

Average time spent by student with 5+ classes/week, portfolio got completed approximately in 1 year.

What ages and levels can register at VAS?

VAS class is open to the students 

from 9th grade or older at all levels. However, the VAS curriculum is for those who pursue upper-level art education to prepare themselves for art college and career in art.

There are no kids' art and hobby classes.

When is the Registration Deadline?

It is a rolling admission. Registration is monthly. You must register before your 1st class.  

There is a $20 late fee.

Does VAS refund

when I miss a lesson?

Yes. For a full refund, you must cancel 24 hrs prior to your lesson hour. If less than 24 hrs, VAS will refund 50%. You can cancel via text and VAS will text you back with a cancellation confirmation and refund information.

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