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Portfolio Prep Course for art major students who need all foundation art classes including Drawing, Painting, 2D design/Basic Design, their major-related projects, and independent Projects required for art colleges.


Portfolio Prep Course for non-art major students who need EXTRACURRICULAR activity in college admission. 

Art Course for anyone 9th grade or older who seek for the education that guides the way to learning by attaining knowledge through observing, perceiving, analytical thinking, and self-motivated search for questions/problems and its creative response beyond working on the given questions/problems. 

Digital Art Portfolio Production

Photographing and editing of art portfolios are available. The average time for production takes one week. All colleges review and evaluate your artwork by these digital files only. The professional presentation of your work is a crucial element for successful college admission and scholarships.

College planning+consulting

It is a group of art works that

most of art colleges

require at the time of admission.

Your portfolio demonstrates

your artistic knowledge, creativity, and skill.  

College portfolio committee will review

your readiness for their college level  from your portfolio.

Your portfolio must demonstrate originality of concept and aesthetic strength, and proficiency in techniques and materials 

What is portfolio?


VAS | Visual Art Studio, conceived in 1993 as "HJMacademy" by Helena J. Min, has provided fundamental studies for learning and practices in the visual art in the Los Angeles area.


VAS has specialized Portfolio Prep for over 28 years and offered the year-round Portfolio Prep Course to prepare students

who plan to apply for college in art+design major.​ 


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